DEJ aims to be a meeting point between Italian culinary culture and Danish taste. The choice of all the ingredients and the cooking techniques are the result of a researched and experimented process developed in a passionate and innovative environment.

The devotion we have towards food and the pursuit of the perfect product encourage us to try new and different mixtures, ingredients, times and temperatures.

Our dough is a mixture of selected flour, completely handcrafted without the addition of preservatives or chemical additives; as simple as the tradition wants it: water, flour, yeast and salt.

As an artisan product some differences can appear from pizza to pizza. The use of delicate ingredients implicates changes due to the daily environmental conditions.

The dough is pressed and rounded by hand and this process determines the displacement of the air from the centre towards the outside of the dough which remains more swollen and when cooking forms the “cornicione”.

Our products and ingredients are fresh and freshly made. Italian organic tomatoes are the base of our tomato sauce and in observance of the Italian traditional way-of-do-pizza we only use fresh mozzarella.

The combination of the ingredients aims to let our costumer travel with their senses. Tasting our “Skinken / Ham” pizza you could find yourself on the Djursland peninsula sat on a bench in front of the sea enjoying the sunset. Otherwise you can feel the Alps’ fresh breeze in a hot day with a slice of “The Bresaola” in your hand.

Experimentation, passion and desire to amaze with new fusion of flavours lead us to create a special and limited pizza every month.

The oven – that’s where the magic happens and a flat disk of dough topped with tasty ingredients becomes a pizza. The refractory bricks are the heart of our oven, and they are two and different:

-        “Biscotto di Sorrento”, this particular cooking soil is produced by old furnaces, made by hand, dried in the air and finally dried in wood-fired ovens. It is the refractory brick used for centuries as the soil of every wood-fired oven

-        “Maschiati”, compact and hard it accumulates enormously the heat supplied. It has the great quality of spreading the heat homogeneously and constantly giving the pizza its typical appearance and the goodness that have made it famous in the world.

The temperature can rise up to 500°C in order to cook the pizza in 60-90 seconds as the tradition requires.

After Cooking
The pizza must be easily foldable on itself with the 1-2 cm “cornicione”, swollen and not dry, golden and without or with very few bubbles and burns. Lifting the pizza on one side, the lower part must also be gilded and free of obvious burns.

Topped with fresh ingredients your pizza is now ready to be tasted!